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Code of Ethics



The welfare of students will be the primary concern in all decisions regarding Ethics and Standards.

The school will not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin in its admission or hiring policies. It shall also abide by all ADA Laws.

The school will publish two Handbooks; one for parents and one for Faculty/Staff members. The "Faculty/Staff Handbook" must include:

Policies on: Equal Employment opportunity, No Harassment, Probationary employment, Attendance, smoking, drug testing, student confidentiality, Natural Disasters and Crisis Management strategies, etc.

Code of Ethics

Rules of Conduct

Job Descriptions and expectations

Holiday schedule

Description of benefits

Health and Safety measures and strategies

The "Student Handbook" must include:

School Mission

Philosophy and Objectives

Policies on: Non-Discrimination, Discipline, Admissions, Liability/Disclaimer, Attendance (including Early Dismissal and Withdrawals), Uniforms, Dress Code, Homework, Classwork, Textbooks and Supplies, etc.

Grading System

Immunization Requirements


Parent Organizations

Health & Safety Policies

Extra-Curricular Programs

Academic Programs

4. The school must carry out commitments made to students, teachers, staff and Faculty members, school organizations, parents, patrons and the general public.

5. The school will carefully avoid misleading or ambiguous statements about its Philosophy, stated missions and status.

6. A school will not knowingly initiate attempts to bring about the transfer of a student from another independent school.

7. A school will not accept a student for enrollment without first requesting from the current school all pertinent information concerning the student's academic and personal records and the reason for the transfer. The transfer of students from another City, State or Country may be an exception.

8. A school recognizes its obligation to keep, protect and preserve the records of a student's attendance and achievement. A school will take all reasonable and lawful measures to maintain the confidentiality of reports and information exchanged among schools concerning the students and parents.

9. School Officials, including Administrators, will not seek to encourage a teacher or an administrator from another school to break a valid Contract.

10. A performance appraisal and the teacher's qualifications should be supplied by one Head of school to another, upon request, and such information should be confidential within the prescriptions of the law.

11. When awarding financial aid based on need, reasonable efforts should be made to ensure that such an award does not exceed the demonstrated need of the family, and a COBIS school is encouraged to require adequate documentation of family financial resources.

12. The school will make clear all dates concerning the admission procedure and adhere to those dates. A candidate for admission and the parents will be informed of the complete costs of the forthcoming school year and the applicable payments schedules.

13. A school recognizes the right of its enrolled students or families to visit and consider other schools without notifying the present school. It also recognizes and respects the right of another school to hold preliminary discussions about the possibility of admission without notifying the present schools.

14. The school Administration will schedule at least three (3) Faculty Meetings a year. A written Agenda will be prepared. Health & Safety Standards will be addressed.

15. A school respects the right of a teacher to visit and consider employment in another school without notifying his/her present school, and it recognizes and respects the right of another school to hold preliminary discussions about the possibilities of employment without notifying the present school. However, no binding contractual arrangement should be formalized without communication with the current employer.

15. The Head of the school and all Employees in that school bear the ultimate responsibility of fulfilling this Code of Ethics.

16. The Council of Bilingual Schools encourages ongoing communication among member schools to ensure compliance with the spirit of this Code of Ethics.